Screening Cryptocurrency Through Bubble Chart

The selection of cryptocurrencies in trading is the most important task that determines the success of a trader.

The most effective way to select cryptocurrencies based on their characteristics is bubble charts.

This method is the most informative for detecting market deviations or market inefficiency.

The exploitation of market inefficiencies determines the trader’s profitability. In quantitative trading, there are market conditions from which to profit.

With a bubble chart, you can:

1. Select abnormal behavior of cryptocurrencies

2. Check market inefficiencies on the backstay

3. In case of positive statistics, you can make a trade.

Thus, you can answer the question: “why should I make this trade?” Because you have found market inefficiency and it may work for a while

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Serhii Ovsiienko

Serhii Ovsiienko

founder at

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